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New Celly Features: RSS and Twitter Receptors, Public Cell Directory, Hashtags, and more

Last night we launched an update that makes Cells much more powerful with Receptors, Hashtag support, and a Public Cell Directory. We also added a time length setting to polls, and made our web chat more “live” - no more page refreshing when you send a message.

Receptors are filters that connect your cell to internet streams. You can add receptors to your cell so that messages are automatically populated from your blog updates, twitter feed, or any RSS stream. These can be filtered by keyword or hashtag, so you can target posts for Celly if you like. Cells can have multiple receptors, and receptors can be setup to be curated, so you approve only the most choice messages. We hope that people use receptors to create curated Personal Learning Networks.

Soon we will introduce cell-to-cell receptors as well as connectivity to other services. 

Our new Public Cell Directory showcases web public cells, so you can find some cells to join that fit your interests. We will be working on this directory, providing new ways to search and view cells by location, topic, and leaderboard rankings.

On our website, we have auto-linked hashtags to a search of your inbox. So if you have a message that says “come to the park #911” and you click #911, we will show you all of your messages that have #911 in them. This is just the start of our enhanced support for hashtags. 

Our polls now support setting a time limit, or you can run an indefinite length poll. When starting a poll via SMS (text POLL to 23559) you will be prompted for a time length (0 for indefinite). When using the website, there is a little checkbox and box for the minutes under the poll entry box. Polls still close when everyone has voted, or if you text CLOSEPOLL or close it on the web.

When sending messages on the web, there is no more page refreshing, your message is quickly whisked to our servers and your page magically updates. This convenience doesn’t extend to our embedded reply boxes yet, but we are working on it. We are also adding other little touches to the site so that things are more live and there is less page refreshing.

We have this makes Celly even more fun to use. We are having a great back to school and are really enjoying talking with a lot of teachers, students, and other wonderful people using Celly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to let us know what you think or how we can help you. Contact us at support@cel.ly Thanks for helping make Celly great!

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